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Agriculture Advocate Award 2014

Evelyn Wilcom, Monrovia, Maryland

Evelyn Wilcom Evelyn Wilcom, Monrovia, Maryland, has been a lifelong advocate for agriculture. It all began when she married her husband and began to learn all about the hard work of farming. She believes that, "if you teach the little children, they will teach their parents," and that “agricultural literacy does matter for our farmers and community members." Wilcom established the Great Frederick Fair exhibit called "City Streets, Country Roads" which each year educates more than 6,000 students about agriculture.  In addition, she leads a statewide agriculture literacy program with the Maryland Farm Bureau, and developed a book barn program that reaches all the elementary schools in her community. Evelyn is a Maryland Agricultural Education Foundation Board Member and the Chair of the Elementary Education Committee, and a Fredrick County Farm Bureau Education Committee member. The Agriculture Advocate Award recognizes Evelyn as a non-paid volunteer who gives freely of her time promoting agricultural literacy and who uses creative approaches to teach students about the importance of agriculture. The 2014 Agriculture Advocate Award is sponsored by the National Grange.

Sonja Johnson
Sonja Johnson


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