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National Agriculture in the Classroom

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National Agricultural Literacy Outcome Assessments

The National Center for Agricultural Literacy has developed 15-item assessments that can be used to formatively or summatively assess agricultural literacy. These grade appropriate, research-based psychometric assessments are based on the National Agricultural Literacy Outcomes. The instruments were created using domain analysis to measure three proficiency levels: 1) Limited or developing agricultural exposure, 2) Functional agricultural literacy, and 3) Practical & applicable agriculture proficiency. The assessment links below include the instruction for administering each assessment,and the interpretation of results.

Quick Quizzes

The following quizzes have been used as nonformal assessments to determine agricultural literacy. The items have not been analyzed for validity, but may be used as "bell-ringer" questions leading to a relevant discussion about how the things they use every day are produced. Items maybe copied and pasted for use in other formats.

The Students Center provides students with an online quiz to assess their Ag-Smarts using some of the Quick Quiz questions.