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National Agriculture in the Classroom

Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix

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Lesson Plans (6)

Be a DetEGGtive!

Students identify and explain unique properties of eggs based on scientific investigations and write a book to explain what they have learned. Grades K-2

Eggs on the Menu

Students will learn the versatility, function, and nutritional benefit of eggs in a healthy diet, identify the function and role of eggs in a recipe, identify forms of technology used on an egg farm, and understand how eggs are classified by size. Grades 6-8

FoodMASTER: Eggs

Students examine the process of egg production from the hen to our homes, explore the parts of an egg, perform measurements of circumference and height, compare raw egg whites to egg white foams, and prepare meringue cookies. Grades 3-5

FoodMASTER: Meat, Poultry, and Fish

Students discover how animals utilize nutrients and energy from food humans cannot digest and convert it to meat, a food rich in zinc, iron, and protein. Students examine how hamburger is formulated for leanness, compare two kinds of hotdogs, and investigate about fish. Grades 3-5

From Chicken Little to Chicken Big (Grades 3-5)

Students identify different breeds of chickens, examine physical characteristics, and determine the stages of a chicken's life cycle. Grades 3-5

From Chicken Little to Chicken Big (Grades K-2)

Students identify different breeds of chickens, examine physical characteristics, and determine the stages of a chicken's life cycle. Grades K-2

Companion Resources (9)

The Life Cycle of a Chicken
Create a colorful, egg-shaped chicken life cycle using the templates and egg tempera paint recipe provided in this activity.
Chickens on the Farm
This book for grades K-3 explores the importance of chickens in agriculture. Colorful photographs illustrate how farmers care for chickens, and fun facts are included throughout. Students will learn that there are more than 16 billion chickens on Earth, that poultry is another name for farm birds that people raise for meat and eggs, and much more.  
Jack & the Hungry Giant Eat Right with MyPlate
Yummy! Colorful images of fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, and protein foods fill the pages of this picture book starring Jack of beanstalk fame. Fortunately, the friendly giant in this version of the story is happy to invite a guest for dinner. As they cook together, Jack learns about the food groups that are a part of a well-balanced meal. The book is an appetizing way to introduce children to the MyPlate nutrition program, written and illustrated by Loreen Leedy.
Poultry Reader
This printable four-page reader is packed with information about chickens, turkeys, and other poultry. Use this reader to share information about the parts of an egg, poultry-related careers, the diets of chickens, and more.
Eggs 101: An Egg's Journey from the Farm to Our Tables
Designed for the classroom, this collection of short videos showcases an egg’s journey from the hen house to our plates. This flexible series includes seven videos that give an in-depth explanation of an egg’s journey; from the barn experience to environmental management and from the egg itself to the homes of families nationwide.
Virtual Chicken
Watch the virtual animation of the step-by-step process of a hen producing an egg. Students will learn the parts of an egg as it is developed. This is an excellent way for students to gain a greater understanding of egg science. 
Teacher Reference
Classroom Hatching
Classroom Hatching is an egg incubation program for youth in Kindergarten through third grade. This program aims to explore the life cycle of poultry and learn about the needs of living things by incubating and hatching chicken eggs. The activities included in the program will help youth understand where food comes from, develop healthy choices, and promote the responsibility of caring for living things. Order a print book or download a free PDF.
Livestock Cards
Double-sided cards representing four livestock species. These cards can add a reading supplement activity to lesson plans to help teach the basic principles about beef cattle, dairy cattle, pigs, and poultry. The cards can be printed from the attached PDF or ordered from the Nebraska Foundation for Agricultural Awareness.
Eggs in Schools
The Eggs in Schools website has a variety of classroom resources and tools including virtual field trips, activities, games, cooking videos, and lesson plans.