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National Agriculture in the Classroom


9th–12th GRADES

Apples and the Science of Genetic Selection

Using the apple as context, students will compare and contrast natural selection and artificial selection as they learn the history of the apple, how apples are propagated on farms, and how new varieties of apple are developed.

Evaluating GMO Perspectives

Students will learn about transgenesis, a technology used to genetically modify crops. With a basic knowledge of the technology students will identify the crops in the United States that have been genetically modified, recognize reasons a farmer might choose to grow a GM crop, and evaluate how social science impacts the implementation of the technology in our food supply.

Source Search

Using an interactive Kahoot Challenge, students will learn that agriculture and natural resources provide nearly all of the products we rely on in any given day.

These learning activities have been adapted from the National Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix and are ready for student eLearning engagement.