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National Agriculture in the Classroom


Summary 2021 — New Hampshire

State Contact

Ms. Debbi Cox
New Hampshire Agriculture in the Classroom
295 Sheep Davis Road
Concord, NH 03301
P: 603.224.1934

Innovative Programming Conducted and Educational Resources Developed

  • Grow Your Classroom: Lessons
  • Grow Your Classroom: Resources and Information

Still trying to get them online!

Major Program Impacts or Outcomes

This is not a specific impact and may not answer this question, but the awareness and reputation of our program seem to be slowly improving. More people are reaching out to us with questions and after a directed effort in educating the Farm Bureau members about what we do, direct donations from members have increased. Also, the Commissioner of Education did not know we existed until a few years ago and now he contacts me directly with questions and suggestions.

Program Leader Biosketch

Animals have always been part of my life from horses to llamas to swans to sheep. All three of my children shared my love of animals and ultimately became FFA State Officers. Due to extensive volunteer work with FFA, I was asked to apply for the NH Agriculture in the Classroom's State Coordinator position in 2013. Prior to that, I held positions in administration and bookkeeping for various organizations. My Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Recreation is from Springfield College.