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National Agriculture in the Classroom


Summary 2021 — Montana

State Contact

Ms. Jeri Delys
Montana Agriculture in the Classroom
15795 Lefler Lane
Frenchtown, MT 59834
P: 406.235.4281

Innovative Programming Conducted and Educational Resources Developed

Through a grant with the Montana Dept of Agriculture and AGR Commodity Research and Market Development Program, we were able to develop additional pollinator lessons that are specific to Montana bees, the Akali and the Leaf Cutter for grades 4-6. They include activities that support vocabulary, habitat, and ways individuals can support the propagation of these Montana valuable pollinators. These resources will be available on our website but will be included in the revised Pollinator Education Project folders that will be sent out.

Through a grant with Montana Department of Agriculture and Montana Pulse Crop Research & Marketing, we are continuing to develop Pulse Crop lesson plans for use in high school culinary arts classes. These lessons include identification, recipes, nutritional values and marketing. It's been amazing to watch high school kids engage in these valuable Montana products. Additionally within this grant, we have developed lessons for elementary students that develop pea and lentil knowledge and activities. We have identified books and developed gardening and cooking activities for younger students. These lessons will be shared through the child development classes at Bozeman High School and are available upon request. Through a grant with the National Ag in the Classroom we have developed a Montana Ag Book Buddies Program. 70 k-5 classes are engaged. Books for each month have been selected and lesson plans and activities were developed. Lessons included:

  • Using the book "Where Did My Clothes Come From?" we utilized a NAITCO lesson and developed a Montana appropriate Hemp Fibers lesson that involved strength testing and learning about how Montana has developed a good hemp fiber industry.
  • Using the book, "The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses" we developed a lesson on horses in Montana. The history of wild horses, racing horses and working horses. Activities with making a paper horse that walks and learning vocabulary and how to measure a horses height.
  • Using the book: "Big Cat Blunder" we have developed additional lessons on Montana pasture ground and livestock predators.

All lessons are currently posted on our Facebook page and will be available on our new website. Additionally, they are available via email request.

Major Program Impacts or Outcomes

Huge gains!
  • We had a Montana Stockgrowers join our Partner membership. A large financial and reputation investment was made.
  • Our board is working on establishing new goals, identifying strengths and what each board member has to offer the foundation.
  • The Program leader has enrolled in a leadership class to build leadership and communication skills to better the program. Goals for funding and future budgets and personnel have been discussed and set.
  • Growth from half time funded leader to (with the help of a grant) nearly full time funded leader and commitment from the board to continue that funding after the grant is complete.
  • A positive buzz of Montana Ag in the Classroom is very present amongst the agriculture community in Montana.

Program Leader Biosketch

Lindsay Orem joined Ag In the Classroom Foundation in September of 2020. She brings with her 20 years of teaching experience in classrooms from k-12 Special Education to Talented and Gifted, to technology to k-5 classroom teaching. Lindsay attended college at Washington State University and majored in Elementary Education with supporting endorsements in Special Education and At-Risk Children. Being raised on a ranch, she also managed to get most of her undergrad elective classes in as ag classes. Currently, her husband, Marc, manages the Ox Bow in Wolf Creek where they live with their three teen-aged daughters. They run a registered Angus herd, sell Angus bulls, run yearling commercial heifers, and have recently started developing ranch horses. Lindsay's daughters attend Augusta Schools and are active in FFA, Rodeo, Volleyball, Basketball, and 4-H. Lindsay describes her opportunity to serve the Montana Ag in the Classroom Foundation and to be working as a resource for teachers and students in our state as her absolute dream job.