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National Agriculture in the Classroom


Summary 2019 — Minnesota

State Contact

Ms Sue Knott
Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom
625 Robert Street North
St. Paul , MN 55155
P: 651.201.6486

Classroom Resources

Monthly Themes and lesson kits Monthly themes were determined by AITC staff and corresponding lesson kits were created that aligned with each month's theme. These are kits were available in limited quantities (there were typically only eight kits available each month) to educators on a monthly basis. Kits were created for students at a particular grade range - for example K-2, 3-5, 6-8 or 9-12 - and meet Minnesota state standards. Monthly kits were given to educators who request them, typically on a first come, first served basis. Virtual Barn The Virtual barn consists of an online form for educators to complete that provides feedback on a particular resources that was used in their classroom. What's Growing on in Minnesota Podcast Storytelling has an uncanny ability to bring people in and teach a lesson. To help support teachers and put a face and a story behind the lessons in our Curriculum Matrix and the resources we provide, MAITC has created a podcast called "What's Growing on in Minnesota?". This monthly podcast is specifically targeted for teachers or agriculture enthusiasts that want to learn more about agricultural topics and how to utilize our resources to teach others about agriculture. AgMag Magazine series Three print issues (fall, winter and spring) were developed and all content was also included on the student focused AgMag website. New content included an farmer profiles featuring water and soil conservation practices and Agricultural Technology two-page spread. All content aligns with 4th-6th grade social studies, science and language arts Minnesota Academic Standards.

Major Program Impacts or Outcomes

After completing our Summer Teacher Tour, 80% of teachers that attended "strongly agreed" with the statement "I can identify effective resources, information and personal contacts that are accessible to educate and grow agricultural literacy in my community and school." 20% of the participants "agreed", 0% disagreed, 0% strongly disagreed. Before participating in the Summer Teacher Tour, 13% strongly agreed, 53% agreed, 30% disagreed, and 4% strongly disagreed when asked the same question. Pre-service teachers who participated in a MN Ag in the Classroom professional development workshop were asked to respond to the statement "I plan to utilize agricultural topics and examples in my future curricula and classroom." 70% strongly agreed, 26% agreed and 4% were not sure. 38,000 4th-6th grade students received agricultural literacy instruction through our AgMag series. 20,000 K-1st grade students received agricultural literacy instruction through our AgMag Jr. series.


Sue Knott's agriculture roots were established on her family's farm in southwestern Minnesota. Experiences in 4-H, FFA and helping raise crops and livestock, inspired her to earn a degree in agricultural education from the University of Minnesota. She taught high school Agricultural Education for ten years before joining the Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom team as Education Specialist in 2011 and took on the role of State Contact in 2016.