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National Agriculture in the Classroom


Summary 2019 — Kentucky

State Contact

Mr Scott Christmas
Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation
P.O. Box 20700
Louisville, KY 40250-0700
P: 502.495.5000

Classroom Resources

Ready Set Grow: Educator Gardening Guide - The Kentucky Agriculture and Environment in the Classroom, Inc. (TeachKyAg), in partnership with Kentucky Farm Bureau, developed this specialty crop curriculum for Kentucky's K-12 teachers.This curriculum and guide was made possible by a Specialty Crop Grant from the United States Department of Agriculture, administered by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, and additional support from the Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund and Kentucky Farm Bureau. The curriculum, focusing solely on specialty crops and gardening, features contributions from national award-winning elementary teacher Darleen Horton, the Cooperative Extension Service, and other state Ag in the Classroom programs. Lessons are Kentucky Academic Standards-aligned in STEAM subjects with cross-curricular connections in Social Studies, Nutrition, Language Arts, and Practical Living. More information can be found at Kentucky Farms Feed Me Virtual Field Trip & Curriculum Series - These video field trips were developed around Kentucky Academic Standards for Practical Living, Vocational Skills, and Technology. Students learn more about local food and farmers so they can make informed decisions about food choices. Students also learn about the daily work of farmers and get a glimpse of skills needed for farming, food processing, and business management. In addition, Kentucky Agriculture & Environment in the Classroom, Inc. has developed a curriculum program that ties in additional Academic Standards and Expectations for science, social studies, math and language arts. Videos are currently being updated with several being completed in 2019.

Major Program Impacts or Outcomes

Nearly 30,000 students participated in the Mobile Agriculture Science Activity Center presentations. More than 20,000 students participated in Ag Day programs during 2019. More than 60,000 students from 120 Kentucky counties participated in the 2019 Conservation Tabloid Poster & Essay Contest. Farm Bureau provided the primary sponsorship, planning and tabloid design. Over 300 students participated in the Department of Agriculture's Ag Day poster/essay contest. Agriculture volunteers celebrated National Ag Day, March 14, and Kentucky Agriculture Literacy Week, March 10-16, by reading American Farm Bureau's "Accurate Ag Book of the Year," Right This Very Minute, in local elementary school classrooms. Over 700 books and educator guides were purchased by county Farm Bureaus. In addition, over 200 of Kentucky Farm Bureau's book, The Most Wonderful Dream, were purchased and distributed. Seven Regional Teacher Workshops were held during the month of June. These were well attended, and each event received excellent evaluations. Approximately 410 educators from 74 counties participated in our 2019 training programs. Alternate tracts were offered for middle and high school educators. Kentucky State Fair visitors (Nearly 600,000) had an opportunity to explore all aspects of Kentucky Agriculture this year at AgLand. This family-friendly, interactive agriculture space showcased over a dozen of Kentucky's commodity groups, allowed hands on experience with the Discovery Farm and farm machinery, and much more. AgLand uniquely represented the diversity of Kentucky agriculture through the participating groups and proud Kentucky farmers. A significant financial investment of over $500,000 by the Ag industry was made to highlight the true value of Kentucky agriculture.


Scott Christmas currently serves as the Kentucky Farm Bureau Women, Ag Education & Member Benefits Director. Mr. Christmas is responsible for coordinating education and leadership development for Kentucky Farm Bureau women. These activities include the implementation of Farm Bureau policy goals and objectives with a major emphasis on all agricultural literacy efforts. In this role, he serves as an ongoing Board Member of Kentucky's Ag and Environment in the Classroom, Inc. Mr. Christmas involvement with Ag in the Classroom and other agricultural literacy programs stretches over the past twenty-six years. He previously worked for thirteen years with the Florida Farm Bureau and is currently in his fourteenth year with the Kentucky Farm Bureau.