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National Agriculture in the Classroom


Summary 2021 — Illinois

State Contact

Mr. Kevin Daugherty
Illinois Center for Agricultural Engagement
1701 Towanda Avenue
Bloomington, IL 61702
P: 309.557.3334

Innovative Programming Conducted and Educational Resources Developed

  • Pollinator Ag Mag
  • Pumpkin Ag Mag
  • Corn Ag Mag
  • Water Ag Mag
  • Career Ag Mag
  • Double sided Apple and Pumpkin Poster
  • New IL History and Agriculture Website

Major Program Impacts or Outcomes

Our program year was still marred by COVID related concerns. Our typical teacher training, volunteer training and coordinator training continues to be primarily virtual. While we were able to squeeze in 19 in person Summer Ag Institutes, this is down by 50% as is our teacher number. Our typical program year involved 3 in person meeting for our county coordinators. The last time our entire state program has been together was September of 2019....which seems so far away. IL has also been in the news due to our rigid COVID restrictions that have been challenged in courts and that are different not only at the county level but within the county. Our major impact for 2021 was that we survived and continued into the next year.

Program Leader Biosketch

Kevin Daugherty is the Director of the Illinois Center for Agricultural Engagement.

Kevin has been with Illinois Farm Bureau® since April of 2000. Prior to joining the Farm Bureau® staff he had experience in publishing, training and development and as an award winning junior high history teacher in central Illinois.

Daugherty holds a BS in Secondary Education from the University of Illinois, and a MS in Adult Education from Eastern Illinois University.