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National Agriculture in the Classroom


Summary 2021 — Georgia

State Contact

Ms. Lauren Goble
Georgia Farm Bureau Federation
P.O. Box 7068
Macon, GA 31209-7068
P: 478.456.2810

Innovative Programming Conducted and Educational Resources Developed

  • Peanut Ag Mag
  • Dairy Ag Mag
  • Commodity Pages
  • No Bake Recipes
  • Book of the Month with activity pages
  • Traveling Trunks
  • Videos/book readings:
  • STEM Challenge
  • Mobile classroom:

Major Program Impacts or Outcomes

In partnership with our Foundation we launched the Georgia Ag Experience, a mobile classroom. We have a pre and post survey that students take.

  • Number of Students Visited: 16,861
  • Number of Teachers: 636
  • Number of Counties: 63
  • Number of Volunteers: 393
  • Number of Visit Dates: 162
  • Number of Schools: 55
  • Number of Miles Driven: 31,518

“I care about farmers and knowing where my food comes from”

  • Pre-visit (61.85%)
  • Post-visit (67.6%)
  • Increase of 5.8%

“I am interested in having a job in farming”

  • Pre-visit (26.8%)
  • Post-visit (33.31%)
  • Increase of 6.5%

“I would like to visit a farm and learn more from the farmer”

  • Pre-visit (60.41%)
  • Post-visit (66.05%)
  • Increase of 5.6%

“I would like to eat more food that is grown in Georgia”

  • Pre-visit (52.58%)
  • Post-visit (57.37%)
  • Increase of 4.8%

“I feel like I can talk to my friends and family about farming”

  • Pre-visit (48.9%)
  • Post-visit (54.2%)
  • Increase of 5.3%
  • 73% of students selected they became more interested in agriculture
  • 24.3% of students had an increase in knowledge that agriculture is Georgia’s largest industry
  • 21.4% of students learned that their food, clothes, and paper come from farms
  • 6.54% of students were more interested in a job in agriculture after participating in the mobile classroom

Program Leader Biosketch

Lauren Goble has been with Georgia Farm Bureau since 2016. She was a field rep. for almost two years before being promoted to Educational Programs Coordinator. Prior to working for Georgia Farm Bureau she taught Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st grade. She was the 2015 Ag Teacher of the Year for Georgia Farm Bureau and one of the 2016 National Ag Teacher of the Year.