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National Agriculture in the Classroom


Summary 2019 — Arizona

State Contact

Ms Gigette Webb
University of Arizona
4341 E. Broadway Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85040
P: 602.827.8253

Classroom Resources


Major Program Impacts or Outcomes

  • Over half (57.5%) of the 33 people who registered to volunteer for Ag Lit Days followed through to complete volunteering and reporting.
  • 86% (120) of the teachers from the 132 visited classes during Ag Lit Days provided feedback on their experience. Of these, 81% (97) reported that the program helped meet the required teaching standards.
  • 93% (28) of the 30 educators who participated in SAI reported that they foresee themselves contacting any of the organizations for additional information or materials.
  • 100% of the 27 educators who participated in SAI reported that in comparison to other in-services that SAI was "strongly valuable," providing the highest possible rating.
  • 89% (24) of 27 educators who participated in SAI reported that SAI was "strongly influential" in the way they will present some materials in their classroom. The remaining 11% (3) reported SAI as "influential."
  • 100% of 30 educators who participated in SAI reported that they would recommend SAI to other educators.
  • In a 3-month-follow-up survey to SAI participants, 66% (19) of the 30 educators provided information on their curriculum plans or use at the beginning of the school year. Of these, about one-fourth had already taught their students a lesson from curriculum provided through SAI.
  • 90% of Ag-Venture participants expressed their desire to return and learn more about the farm experience.
  • 54% of participating teachers reported including additional lessons and activities in classrooms after their MAC Farm experience.
  • 92% of the learners involved in the MAC Farm Ag-Ventures series reported learning 2-4 agricultural facts during the program presentations.
  • Ten elementary schools reported increased interest in ag-related educational programs in local school garden programs as a a result of their experience with MAC Farm Ag- Ventures.


Gigette Webb is the Associate Area Agent for the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension. She is an Ag and Natural Resources Agent with an emphasis on Agricultural STEM Literacy and School Garden Food Safety. Gigette has a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and a Masters in Education in Curriculum and Instruction. She works closely with the 11 members of her Ag Literacy Advisory Committee in administering a research-based, scientifically accurate program that utilizes current education pedagogy. Gigette spent 23 years as an elementary teacher. The SAI just completed its twenty-ninth annual Institute and the Arizona Foundation for Agricultural Literacy is the funding source for SAI, teacher workshops and curriculum development for the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Agricultural Literacy program.