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National Agriculture in the Classroom

Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix

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Lesson Plans (6)

Farming for Energy

Students identify renewable and nonrenewable energy sources and investigate how farms can produce renewable energy. Grades 3-5

Pig Power: Creating Biogas and Renewable Energy

After exploring the science of energy and energy conversion, students will evaluate some environmental impacts of hog farming and explore technologies that minimize negative human impact by creating biogas energy from animal waste. Grades 9-12

Pigs on the Farm (Grades 3-5)

Students explore the basic needs of animals and create a model of a modern pig barn that will help farmers meet the needs of animals. Grades 3-5

Pigs on the Farm (Grades K-2)

Students explore the basic needs of animals and create a model of a modern pig barn that will help farmers meet the needs of the animals. Grades K-2

This Little Pig

Students explore basic information about pigs and the products they provide. Grades K-2

Truth or Hogwash?

Students work in teams to play a game in which they answer true/false questions about swine and then research and develop questions of their own. Grades 3-5

Companion Resources (4)

FUNdamentals of Farming Game
Farming is a risky business. Droughts and severe storms, equipment problems and outbreaks of animal disease can all occur unexpectedly and impact a farm negatively. This printable classroom board game teaches secondary students about animal disease management. Students take roles as a farmer, accountant, purchaser, or veterinarian to manage a pig farm. They will learn and use methods to prevent disease such as vaccinations and quarantine as they buy and sell animals at the auction.
Down on the Farm: Pigs
From the "Down on the Farm" series, Pigs, will teach why pigs are raised on farms and various other facts about their life cycle, how pigs communicate, size, and by-products that come from pigs. You will also learn about breeds of swine around the world.
Pork Ag Mag
The Pork Ag Mag was written for elementary and middle school students. In this issue, students learn about the history of domesticated pigs, the life cycle of a pig, careers, fun facts, and more. This ag mag includes specific statistics for North Carolina, the 2nd largest pork producing state. Visit the Interactive Map to discover where your state ranks in pork production. The reader can be viewed by students electronically on individual devices, as a class with a projector, or printed.
Meat Cut Fact Cards
Print these black-and-white fact cards to illustrate the wholesale and retail cuts of meat found in beef, lamb, pork, and chicken. Use them as a coloring pages or as pages in an interactive notebook.