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National Agriculture in the Classroom


Summary 2019 — Maine

State Contact

Ms Willie Grenier
Maine Agriculture in the Classroom
28 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0028
P: 207.287.5522

Classroom Resources

2 pollination lessons and 2 planting Math lessons Plant Something for ME Book written and being printed. It will be posted on the same site 6 new online Harvest of the Month pages

Major Program Impacts or Outcomes

Over 19,000 Ag. Specialty license plates were sold generating over $190,000 for Maine Ag Education. 49 Ag. Education grants provided $60,000 across the state to Ag Education projects. 15,000 students were exposed to volunteer presentations on Maple during Ag Literacy Week. 300+ Pre-service teachers received Ag Education training and materials for use in their student teaching and careers from MAITC 150+ Maine school gardens are recorded on the directory and receive materials and resources. 4,430 teachers and others received monthly newsletters from MAITC.


In 2019 I was pleased to serve as the NAITCO past president and serve on the NAITCO Awards Committee. Experience with AITC - 21 years Previous - Teacher, Farmer, Adult Education Current - Gardener, Board member: Maine School Garden Network, Maine Nutrition Council, Maine Farm to School, Maine State Grange Ag Committee and MAITC Association. Ag Education - Happens Every Day! Grab a hoe!