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Questions Suggested For Grades K-2

Read each question and circle yes if you agree with the statement and think it is true, or no if you disagree with the statement or think it is wrong.

Yes No 1. Agriculture is another word that is used when talking about farming.
Yes No 2. Cows produce milk.
Yes No 3. Goats can produce milk.
Yes No 4. Hamburger comes from a pig.
Yes No 5. Most bacon is made from pork.
Yes No 6. Chickens lay an egg twice a day.
Yes No 7. Cows are only milked once a day.
Yes No 8. A steak comes from a beef animal.
Yes No 9. Leather is made from the hides of cattle and pigs.
Yes No 10. Blue jeans are made out of a cotton plant.
Yes No 11. Wool can be used to make clothes and blankets.
Yes No 12. Swine is another word used to talk about pigs.
Yes No 13. Potatoes grow on trees.
Yes No 14. The part of the onion plant that we eat is the flower.
Yes No 15. Wheat is a seed.
Yes No 16. Most of the bread in grocery stores is made of corn.
Yes No 17. Flour is any ground up grain like wheat.
Yes No 18. Spaghetti noodles are mostly made of wheat.
Yes No 19. Salad dressing is mostly made of oil.
Yes No 20. Corn can be crushed to make oil.
Yes No 21. Oil used in mayonnaise and salad dressing is made from seeds.
Yes No 22. Apples grow in Utah.
Yes No 23. Most T-shirts are made from the plant called cotton.
Yes No 24. Goats will eat anything, even tin cans.
Yes No 25. Bananas grow in Utah.
Yes No 26. Cheese is made from flour and oil.
Yes No 27. Yogurt is made from milk.
Yes No 28. Chickens are raised for eggs and meat.
Yes No 29. Turkeys are smaller than chickens.
Yes No 30. Alfalfa hay is grown to feed people.

Matching: Match the mother to the correct baby

31. _____ cow a. chick
32. _____ ewe (sheep) b. piglet
33. _____ nanny (goat) c. calf
34. _____ sow (hog) d. kid
35. _____ hen (chicken) e. lamb

Identify which part of the plant you are eating:

36. _____ carrot a. root
37. _____ lettuce b. stem
38. _____ celery c. seed
39. _____ wheat d. fruit
40. _____ apple e. leaf


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