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Questions Suggested For Grades 3-5

Read each question and circle yes if you agree with the statement and think it is true, or no if you disagree with the statement or think it is wrong.

Yes No 1. Hamburger comes from a pig.
Yes No 2. Agriculture is another word that is used when talking about farming.
Yes No 3. One acre of land is about the size of a football field.
Yes No 4. Goats can produce milk.
Yes No 5. Most bacon is made from pork.
Yes No 6. Cows are only milked once a day.
Yes No 7. Steak comes from a beef animal.
Yes No 8. Blue jeans are made out of cotton.
Yes No 9. Wool can be used to make clothes and blankets.
Yes No 10. Swine is another word used to talk about sheep.
Yes No 11. Leather is made from the hides of cattle and pigs.
Yes No 12. The part of the onion plant that we eat is the flower.
Yes No 13. Wheat is a seed.
Yes No 14. Bread is mostly made of corn.
Yes No 15. Flour is ground up wheat.
Yes No 16. Spaghetti noodles are mostly made of flour.
Yes No 17. The main ingredient in salad dressing is vinegar.
Yes No 18. Corn can be dried and crushed to make oil.
Yes No 19. Oil used in mayonnaise and salad dressing is made from seeds.

Matching: Match the mother to the correct baby

20. _____ cow a. chick
21. _____ ewe (sheep) b. piglet
22. _____ nanny (goat) c. calf
23. _____ sow (hog) d. kid
24. _____ hen (chicken) e. lamb

Identify which part of the plant you are eating:

25. _____ carrot a. root
26. _____ lettuce b. stem
27. _____ celery c. seed
28. _____ wheat d. fruit
29. _____ apple e. leaf

For the following questions, circle the best choice that answers the question.

30. Which state produces the most food?

a. Utah
b. Wisconsin
c. California
d. Texas

31. Which country produces the most food?

a. Mexico
b. Iraq
c. Russia
d. United States
e. Canada

32. What does agriculture provide for people?

a. Food, fiber, and shelter
b. Entertainment
c. Minerals
d. Automobiles

33. Which career is most related to agriculture?

a. Bank teller
b. Soil Scientist
c. Actor
d. Librarian

34. Farmers use pesticides to control:

a. Insects
b. Stray cats
c. Rain
d. Soil erosion

35. Why do farmers use pesticides?

a. Increase farm production
b. Keep crops from freezing
c. Crops won't grow at all without pesticides
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

36. Which of these crops are produced in the United States?

a. Corn
b. Rice
c. Wheat
d. Soybeans
e. All of the above

37. Utah's number one agricultural product (by cash receipts) is?

a. Cattle
b. Honey
c. Milk
d. Eggs
e. Hay

38. Hamburger comes from which animal?

a. Chickens
b. Hogs
c. Cattle
d. Sheep

39. Pork comes from which animal?

a. Cattle
b. Sheep
c. Hogs
d. Chickens

40. Which one of the main ingredients in bread is made of wheat?

a. Sugar
b. Salt
c. Yeast
d. Flour

41. Which of the following farm crops are used in cereals?

a. Wheat
b. Corn
c. Rice
d. Oats
e. All of the above

42. What fabric contains a farm product?

a. Nylon
b. Polyester
c. Cotton
d. Acrylic

43. One farmer produces enough food for about how many people?

a. 10
b. 25
c. 90
d. 155
e. 300

44. During the past 50 years, the number of farms in the U.S. has:

a. Increased
b. Stayed about the same
c. Decreased

45. Milk is an important source of which nutrient?

a. Calcium
b. Iron
c. Vitamin C
d. Carbohydrates
e. Vitamin A

46. Carrots are an important source of which nutrient?

a. Calcium
b. Iron
c. Vitamin C
d. Carbohydrates
e. Vitamin A

47. Out of every 100 people in the U.S., how many are farmers?

a. 1-2 people
b. 3-4 people
c. 5-7 people
d. 10 people

48. Which of the following has allowed farmers to increase production during the past 100 years?

a. Larger farms
b. Computers
c. Farm machinery such as tractors
d. Pesticides
e. All of the above

49. Erosion of the soil is:

a. Soil which crumbles easily
b. Controlled by using lots of fertilizer
c. The wearing away or loss of the land
d. Controlled by allowing cattle to graze the land in unlimited numbers
e. All of the above

50. World food production in the future will need to _______ to feed everyone on the planet?

a. Increase
b. Decrease
c. Stay the same

51. Agriculture includes food and fiber production, processing, sales, farm equipment sales, and other areas close to farming. With that in mind, how many people out of every 100 people in the U.S. work in some phase of agriculture?

a. 5 people
b. 15 people
c. 25 people
d. 35 people

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