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National Agriculture in the Classroom


3rd–5th GRADES

Our eLearning Box, developed for individual student use, will save you time gathering materials needed for these 3-5 lessons.

Desktop Greenhouses

Students will investigate the importance of light to plants by creating a desktop greenhouse investigation.

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Dirt Shake

Students will explore soil texture by conducting a test to determine the texture of their soil in their garden or yard.

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Farming in a Glove: Changing Variables

Students will design an investigation to explore the conditions necessary for germination to occur.

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Making Bioplastic

Students will examine renewable and non-renewable resources with a hands-on exploration of bioplastics made from corn.

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My Farm Web

Students will use the visual representation of a web to explore the role of agriculture in their daily lives and understand how most of the necessities of life can be traced back to the farm.

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Renewable vs Nonrenewable Resources

Students will describe and identify renewable and nonrenewable resources.

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Source Search

Students will discover that agriculture provides nearly all of the products we rely on in any given day by matching everyday items with their source.

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Who Grew My Soup?

Students will identify the source of the food they eat and investigate the processes and people involved in getting food from the farm to their spoon.

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These learning activities have been adapted from the National Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix and are ready for student eLearning engagement.