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National Agriculture in the Classroom



Our eLearning Box, developed for individual student use, will save you time gathering materials needed for these K-2 lessons.

Eating Plants

Students will identify the structure and function of six plant parts and classify fruits and vegetables according to which parts of the plants are edible.

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Students will identify how the basic needs of a growing chick are met during incubation by identifying and diagramming the parts of an egg.

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Farm Animal Match

Students will match farm animals with their young, learn the terminology for males, females, and baby animals, and identify the products each farm animal produces.

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My Farm Web

Students use the visual representation of a web to explore the role of agriculture in their daily lives and understand how most of the necessities of life can be traced back to the farm.

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Students will describe the physical properties of materials and observe physical and chemical changes as they learn about the ingredients in pancakes and how maple syrup is harvested from trees.

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The Life Cycle of a Flowering Plant

Students will understand the needs of a seed to germinate and the needs of a plant to grow while exploring the life stages of a flowering plant.

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Recycled Seed Paper

Students make recycled seed paper that can be planted and discover what seeds need to germinate.

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These learning activities have been adapted from the National Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix and are ready for student eLearning engagement.