State Reports

State Summary 2015 — Oklahoma

State Contact

Ms. Audrey Harmon
Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry
2800 N. Lincoln Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
P: 405.740.0160

Classroom Resources

1. Upper level Specialty Crop Ag Magazine developed, printed, available online in PDF, and connected to Aurasma.
2. Lower Level Specialty Crop Ag Magazine revised and reprinted and available online.
3. Specialty Crop-opoly board game created, developed, and manufactured. Given to teachers at the state summer conference and at professional development workshops.
4. 20 Kahoot games created to accompany OAITC lessons and linked to OAITC website.
5. 25 new lessons were created in 2015 and are online:
6. Updated the Oklahoma Commodity Map and it is available online:

Major Program Accomplishments or Outputs

Oklahoma AITC has had many major projects and accomplishments in 2015. The statewide AITC contests included coloring, bulletin board, poster, story board, essay and video contests, as well as Teacher of the Year. The theme for the contest was Agriculture: The Heartbeat of Oklahoma. There were 1882 entries in the contests. The awards ceremony was held at the Oklahoma state capitol at the state Ag Day celebration with legislators, the Secretary of Agriculture, State Department of Education dignitaries, and industry directors all on hand to present awards to the contest winners. In 2015, Oklahoma AITC extended their lessons to reach high school students with standards and lessons for PreK-12th grade students. Additionally, 31 college workshops were presented at 9 of the state universities impacting pre-service teachers. Teachers across Oklahoma participated in on-site workshops and in-service educator training workshops. Teachers traveled through Oklahoma on a three day summer rolling workshop for professional development called, “On the Road with AITC.” Educators also were able to choose from two one-day workshops- “Specialty Crops Galore in Shawnee” and “Specialty Crops Galore in Tulsa.” Those who chose not to travel were able to attend the State AITC Summer Conference titled “Farmland,” which was based on the movie and offered teacher led workshops about AITC. AITC staff presented workshops at the State Department of Education’s Summer Conference “EngageOK” allowing them to reach new audiences. Oklahoma AITC increased their partnership with Oklahoma Farm Credit and also became partners with Co-Bank. Relations with other agriculture commodity groups were maintained and AITC received funds from SW Dairy, Oklahoma Pork Council, Oklahoma Farm Bureau Women, Oklahoma Soybean Board, Dairy MAX, and the Oklahoma Beef Council.

Major Program Impacts or Outcomes

PreK-12th Grade teachers received curriculum to incorporate agriculture literacy into their classroom curriculum. Over 300 of these teachers received classroom sets of the Oklahoma Ag Magazines for free. 400 Teachers learned about the connections available through the agricultural industry groups through summer professional development events. 31 workshops were presented at nine state universities where pre-service teachers learned the importance of teaching agriculture literacy. 7000 PreK-12th grade educators and cooperative extension educators received updated OAITC information and lesson connections each month through emails and the OAITC website. OAITC resources were sent to 100% (all 77) counties in Oklahoma as requested by teachers and cooperative extension educators. 24 teachers submitted Pork Council Grant applications and met the qualifications receiving up to $300 each. Oklahoma AITC Facebook likes are at 2,946. OAITC Website visits totaled 171,967 with at least 6,792 lessons being downloaded from the website. Oklahoma AITC has 120 Smart board lessons. 368 downloads of these smart board lessons have been made from the OAITC website. These lessons are also available on Smart Exchange and have been downloaded over 27,000 times. 93 OAITC lessons can be found on the website “Share My Lessons.” They have been viewed 11,597 times. 20 Kahoot games created by OAITC have been played 57 times by 320 players.


Audrey Harmon is a coordinator for the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry Market Development Division Ag in the Classroom program. She taught kindergarten for 13 years before becoming a State AITC Coordinator. Audrey was the Oklahoma AITC Teacher of the Year in 2009 and won the National Excellence in Teaching Agriculture Award in 2010. Audrey has been involved with Ag in the Classroom for 11 years, four of which she has been employed by the program. She has provided professional development for teachers across the state, presented at state and national AITC conferences, and has developed resources and written lessons for Ag in the Classroom. Audrey has a BS in Early Childhood Education from Oklahoma State University. Her husband Burton owns a pasture spraying business and is a youth pastor. She has three sons.