State Reports

State Summary 2015 — North Carolina

State Contact

Ms. Michele Reedy
North Carolina Farm Bureau AITC
P.O. Box 27766
Raleigh, NC 27611
P: 919.719.7282

Classroom Resources

Currently we offer a resource that includes instructions for implementing hands-on activities supporting each book we offer in our Book of the Month program.The Book of the Month program can be found on the website:

Major Program Accomplishments or Outputs

• 2 Kenan Fellowships
• Addition of a curriculum specialist endorsed for middle school grades 6-8
• Book of the Month
• Going Local Grant online submission (twice a year)
• Twitter account
• Ag Science Night at elementary schools

Major Program Impacts or Outcomes

• 95% of pre-service teachers surveyed in 2015 said they planned to utilize AITC teaching material
• 94% of in-service teachers surveyed in 2015 said they gained new knowledge from attending an ATIC workshop
• 92% of in-service teachers surveyed in 2015 said they would utilize AITC teaching material downloaded from the website
• 850 families of K-5 school children gained information regarding commodities grown and raised in NC through the Ag Science Night Program.
• Facebook followers increased by 57%.
• 63 county school districts received funding up to $500.00 to complete an Ag-based project through the AITC Going Local grant.
• 13,500 K-6 students received AITC materials at the NC State Fair
• Increased Going Local Teacher Workshops by 52%
• Distributed over 1500 Agricultural Literacy themed books to K-5 schools to use in their classrooms to include supporting lesson plans and activity sheets


Michele Reedy grew up on a 4th generation family farm in Southampton County located in southeast Virginia. There her family grew peanuts, cotton, soybeans, watermelons and corn while also raising beef cattle and market hogs. Currently those farms are in full operation. She received her BS degree in Animal Science from Ferrum College. Upon graduation she worked for Carroll Foods, known today as Murphy Brown and later began a career in management with Southern States. In 1994 she began her teaching career and since then has taught grades three through twelve as well as college students receiving their degree in Teacher Education. While teaching she earned her Master’s degree in Adult Education with a concentration in Curriculum and Instruction and is currently ABD status for her Doctorate in Higher Education Leadership. Michele continued to teach in the K-12 classrooms for 12 years and moved on to teach at Chowan University in Murfreesboro, NC for an additional 6 years. During her tenure at Chowan, she met the former Director of Ag in the Classroom for North Carolina and utilized the agriculture-based content in training elementary pre-service teachers its importance and relevance for effective teaching. Michele currently resides in Creedmoor and has held the position of NCFB AITC director for four years. She has three children two of which have completed their college education and currently work in Richmond, VA and one who is in high school. She finds her position with NC Farm Bureau Ag in the Classroom extremely rewarding and fulfilling as all of her experience and education fits this one role. Educating K-12 students on the importance of NC agriculture is vital to the growth of this state as well as meeting the needs of a growing world population.