State Reports

State Summary 2015 — New Mexico

State Contact

Ms. Traci Curry
New Mexico Agriculture in the Classroom
2220 N Telshor
Las Cruces, NM 88011
P: 575.532.4714

Classroom Resources

New Mexico Ag in the Classroom Energy Reader NM Ag Literacy Project- project with "FFA Seed Soil Sun" Poster:The Essential Elements of NM Agriculture" ( Outdoor Educational Banner: "Let's Learn all about Beef Cattle" (

Major Program Accomplishments or Outputs

NM Ag in the Classroom worked with USU to develop a new website that features access to the Curriculum Matrix. The new website allows NM educators and volunteers to access national resources in one location with easy to navigate tools. The new website has elevated the NMAITC program standing as a truly educational program and resource for educators with vetted lessons that are aligned to standards. This has been the second year for the NM Ag Literacy Project. Sponsors came on board this year. A special poster The Essential Elements of NM Agriculture" was created to use with the book Seed Sun Soil. This year 924 students, 185 teachers and 61 FFA volunteers helped make the program successful and extended our outreach. Summer Workshop on Wheels: NMAITC was able to host a two-day regional workshop for a third year with teachers coming from around the state to participate. The teacher workshop was held at NMSU this year allowing teachers to connect to the great resources at the state's land grant university. The NMF&LB Foundation Board completed their first year in 2015. The board has been instrumental in raising awareness about Ag in the Classroom resources and programing across our vast state. The board also played a critical role in helping in fundraising and preparation for our 2nd Annual Buckles & Boots Fundraiser event. NMAITC started a partnership with the NM MESA (Math, Engineering, Science Achievement) program to introduce students in middle and high school to careers in research in agriculture. This partnership continues to grow through teacher and student trainings as well as field trip events to our land grant university. Over 520 students and 45 science teachers participated in two field trips to discover the vast world of agricultural careers and research. Cheryl worked with the NM beef industry to update the beef educational banner used in educational presentations. The NM Beef Council purchased 20 posters for educational venues across the state.

Major Program Impacts or Outcomes

In 2015, NMAITC saw 18,993 students being reached through face-to-face educational presentations, which was a 38% increase from the previous year.

The number of teachers participating in the 2015 NM Ag Literacy project grew 284% compared to the previous year. The evaluations all stated how valuable the teachers considered the program with 99% providing a positive review from classroom teachers.

NMAITC saw a 361% increase in event fundraising profits for 2015 thanks in part to the efforts of the new NMFLB Foundation Board members.


Traci Curry: Southern Region Director Degree in Elementary Education from Eastern New Mexico University Eleven years classroom teaching experience.

Cheryl Butterfield: Northern Region Director Degrees- Bachelor of Science in Ag Econ/ Ag Business and Hospitality & Tourism Services; Master's of Science in Home Economics from NM State University Eighteen years with NMSU Cooperative Extension Service and taught several subjects including middle school math.